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Christmas wishes…

on December 11, 2012

sam and rhanna tinsel

On Sunday Andy, Rhanna and I decided that today was the day to get our decorations up, get our house ready for Santa. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, I love my family all getting together, love hearing the letterbox, the wondering if there is a Christmas card in with the normal mail. There is totally nothing that I don’t love about this time of year and I have definitely passed that love on to Rhanna. She is so excited about Christmas too, so it was with great excitement we started our day.

christmas tree cropAndy got everything out of the shed, we have what can only be described as an over abundance of Christmas stuff! Honestly it has been a magical day, just the three of us spending time doing the things that matter the most to us, Rhanna had me and her covered in tinsel, Andy had bright pink tinsel around him (very fetching) lol and we giggled as Andy wobbled on the ladders putting the ceiling decorations up!

We decided on a home made theme this year so a lot of our decorations on the tree are home made, with help from my bestest friend Anna… Said on the packet 3 years up, lol with a plastic needle and the patience of nothing, Anna proceeded with the snowman, he ended up on the other end of living room after being launched, 3 years upwards, we think not lol!!  It was so lovely to see Rhanna enjoy today, putting up the lights and living the magic of Christmas.

MSA can rob you of your sense of humour if you let it, sometimes yes there is no denying it will pull you down but you live for the days like today where you laugh so much you make no sound and your ribs hurt, that’s the days that matter the most, the rest are just forgetful!

We are all avid cinema goers and really want to go and see nativity 2, Rhanna is playing the fairy godmother with her theatre group this week so we aiming for next weekend, popcorn, nachos, sweets and a movie, all with the people you love the most…

What else could be better?! Today was not just a good day, it was a great day and I hope we made memories today to last a lifetime and always makes you,stop and smile 🙂

Christmas yippeeee it’s the best time of year, everyone is happier and and our house is playing Christmas songs at every opportunity  we put our decorations up, it was so much fun, took us all day and we have Christmas lights everywhere.

Mum, Andy and I decided we would make decorations this year, so the tree has little Santas, snowmen and polar bears to be kept forever and ever. Mum was happiest shes been on ages and we had lots of fun and giggles, it was like all normal again I know there are people reading the blog that have never met us, never met my mum and I wish you could because she’s the tinsel on your Christmas tree, all sparkly and full of fun.

Rhanna and angel I am in panto playing the fairy godmother with my theatre group so everyday after school this week it’s a bit of a dash but  with  little bit of magic I’m transformed, our last show is on Sat and that’s when mum is coming, I’m so excited to see her in the front row, I’m proper lucky because my granny and grandad are coming on the Friday then mum and Andy are coming with my granny and grandad (that’s my mums mum and dad).

I know when I get home Michael buble will be singing Christmas songs or the tv on xmas movie channel, we watched ELF last night, best Christmas film ever, love you mum to the moon and back, doing the decorations was an awesome day and Andy, thank you and love you to moon and back again as well (most of the time hehe).

Christmas dance at school is nearly here so will need to start thinking clothes, hair and make-up yippee, been looking at dresses with mum, think we have picked about 20!!! so will need to narrow it down a bit.

polar bear

4 responses to “Christmas wishes…

  1. Carole Aitken says:

    You darling 3 never fail to amaze me and you are all truly blessed if you could just see it!! Your unfailing joy in doing the REALLY important little things together is what life is all about, you are so lucky in so many ways and one day in the distant future when you are all reunited you will realise what Gods plan was!! I only wish I could see Rhanna in her show, our oldest son Dom went to Stagecoach for 3 years when he was at school and loved it, he is now into making short films as a hobby but still loves the cinema and theatre, my niece Seonag is into amateur dramatics! My love and prayers as always and hope you enjoy your week and your weekend is FAB!! Carole and Geoff Aitken xxxx from Jacob xxxx

  2. Sam & Rhanna,

    Thank you for being the tinsel on the tree! It is nice to see someone loving Christmas as much as us. People everywhere are happier, politer, have more respect to other….more loving! It is hard not to notice and get caught up with all this.

    Continue making good memories!
    Hugs, Brenda

  3. Just reading your letters fills me with so much warmth and love. Blessings to the three of you. May you all have a Very Merry Christmas!

  4. joanna hodges says:

    Sam, Rhanna & Andy my mum passed me the article from the daily mail and I have just finished reading it! my dad has MSA so I was very interested in what you had to say. my father is a bit older he is 69, 70 in Feb next year, he sounds a little like yourself, he very rarely moans about the disease and still has an incredible ability to laugh even though the disease does seem to be getting a real grip on him now. I will keep in touch if you like, have a great new year!! joanna

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