Living with Multiple System Atrophy. A life limiting, neurological brain disease.

donate to help find a cure

msa bracelet
When we started our justgiving page the page we set ourselves a target of £500, Rhanna’s video on youtube raised that in just a few days so we then raised it to £1000. We were really fortunate when my friend and hairdresser offered to do a charity night for MSA and between Michael J’s salon and Andy’s beautiful bangles all of a sudden the total was over £3000!

Then Andy and his mum Edna had a stall at the local Church fair, they sold lots of our handmade bangles, wine glass charms and our cards! We were able to put over £100 into our just giving page, £141.25 to be exact!
That takes our total just over £4000….. Yes £4000!

We cannot even begin to describe the feelings that you have knowing that people have donated money, bought our bangles, cards, etc.

So now the amount we hope to raise for the trust is sitting at £10,000 which seems like an impossible amount, it doesn’t even seem feasible in my mind that we can do it…

Can we keep asking people for donations? God only knows, we more than most know how hard it is financially without donating to charity. But you see, we can’t give up, we can’t stop, for as long as we are able we will do what we can to make sure that people know, people are educated about the horrendous effects that MSA has, not just on the person suffering from it but the care-givers and the families who feel so completely helpless as they watch their loved ones declining and their eyes close for that very last time.

If you’d like to help people with MSA and support the MSA Trust to find a cure you can donate here

If you would like more information about the Multiple System Atrophy Trust (MSA Trust) click here


2 responses to “donate to help find a cure

  1. illa says:

    I would like to give you some money towards the reseach for MSA .
    i loved my mum . lost her last year to pancreatic cancer after 9 months of suffering .you are doing your best for your adorable mum ,keep trying .love illa

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